The right PPC consultant must be someone you trust.

Cost per click (CPC) advertising isn’t just a means to an end. It’s a complicated process wrought with changing technology concerns and a need for verifiable results to determine return on investment (ROI). You don’t want to trust your CPC data or your company’s brand recognition to just anyone.

David Ogletree has been doing pay per click (PPC) marketing and developing comprehensive digital marketing strategies for as long as it’s been around. From industry changes to a focus on adaptive technology, David has managed top, second, and third tier PPC accounts for businesses, large and small. He has extensive experience dealing with various budgets, account concerns, and tracking issues. His ability as a coder and his capacity for in-depth reporting keep clients satisfied and they appreciate being in his capable hands throughout the engagement.

Is your PPC marketing campaign suffering? Or do you just feel that you need some expert advice before launching your digital marketing strategy?

Dave’s seen it all – from budget issues to lost impressions to click fraud. David has a variety of adaptive tools, experience, and skills to deal with any PPC concern and will be your trusted advisor to optimize your digital marketing campaign.

From creating accounts to taking over or revitalizing an existing account, David would be glad to get on the phone with you and discuss what you’re dealing with to work out a solution.

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